To collect points while you are shopping, simply take your card with you at any of the nearly 100 department stores and stores participating in the scheme and present it to the cashier before paying for your goods. For every Euro (€ 1) that you spend, you will get at least one (1) point, while extra points will be offered on certain promotional items. Your points have no expiry date therefore they are automatically transferred form one year to the next. In that way you can go on collecting points and redeem them with Gift Vouchers.

To get Gift Vouchers, simply present your Club card at the Customer Service Department of any of the eight (8) Debenhams department stores in all cities, the five (5) Superhome Center D.I.Y megastores and ask to redeem your points with Gift Vouchers. For every 1,000 points you redeem, you get one €10 voucher.

Redeem your points at the Customer Service Departments of any of the following stores:

  • 8 Debenhams Department stores
  • 5 Superhome Megastores